Methamphetamine Testing Pricing

Methamphetamine Testing:

Healthy Homes NZ Ltd is currently working towards compliance in relation to the new methamphetamine standard NZS-8510:2017

Prices below may change from region to region.   An additional travel cost may apply depending on location. Please phone for an exact quote


Lab composite screening test —  Starting at $199 + GST


A Lab Composite test is when, up to 10 individual samples are taken, (1 sample per tube only).  However, instead of being tested individually, a sub-sample of each individual swab is extracted separately by a lab technician.  These are then combined into a composite sample which is then tested to give you your result.

This is done so that if the result of the composite sample of over 1.5 µg/100cm2,  the laboratory can then retested each individual sample without a return visit by the sampler to the property.  The laboratory can only hold the individual samples for a total of 30 days.

If individual samples need to be analysed due to a high level of contamination over 1.5 µg/100cm2   This can only apply to a home no larger than 80m2.  If your home is larger than 80m2 you can still use the Lab Composite method at $199 + GST but if the results come back as contaminated you will then need to go straight to a Detailed Assessment.


10 initial individual samples taken  

Results in:   24 hours  –  $199 + GST


If the above testing returns a level greater than the recommended 1.5 µg/100cm2 then those samples can be individually tested to find out which rooms contain methamphetamine. ONLY ON A HOME SMALLER THAN 80M2.  If your home is larger then you need to have a Detailed Assessment done every 10m2.

Results in:   24 hours  –  $875 + GST for all 10 samples being individually tested



Detailed Assessment —  $125 + GST per 10m2


A detailed assessment will confirm how much methamphetamine is present in each room tested

1 sample per 10 m2 is required

Results will be in 24 hours

If a methamphetamine is already known to be in the property, this option will confirm which part of the house is affected for decontamination purposes. According to NZS-8510:2016 this option is to be used.