Detailed Assessment: otherwise known as Discrete Testing – individual – room by room


Do you already suspect methamphetamine or the next door neighbour has said there has been suspicious behaviour on your rental property, then according to the NZS-8510:2017 a Detailed Assessment is required.

This is when one sample is taken, at every 10m2 of the floor plan or smaller if divided by a door, and sent to a laboratory.

This will give you a level of methamphetamine and related compounds per sample taken.  You will know exactly which areas are contaminated.

Once you receive the results the rooms over the level of 1.5 µg/100cm2 will need to be decontaminated.

Once decontamination has taken place in the affected areas,  those rooms only will need to be re-tested using the same method.

If after the above process has taken place and the post-decontamination results still come back over 1.5 µg/100cm2,  the whole process will have to be repeated until the levels come back below 1.5 µg/100cm2

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.