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Gary has been in the building trade for over 35 years. His experience ranges from building residential homes to architectural designed homes.  Homes that have been showcased in the NZ House and Garden Magazine, Master Builder Gold Award winning homes and show homes.

His vast knowledge and experience will ensure you will receive a comprehensive professional pre-sales or pre-purchase building report from Healthy Homes (NZ).

Thinking of selling??

Save yourself time by letting us provide you with a full building report to present to your prospective buyers.  Show your chosen real estate agent that you are proud of the quality of your home with a positive report.

Or if you are aware of any faults that may need fixing prior to selling, let us get a report organised for you so you can show to your preferred builder or we can do the work for you.  You just need to ask us for a quote.

Thinking of buying??

Purchasing a home is a life changing event
Protect your family and your investment by letting us protect your future

Let Gary provide you with a pre-purchase building report which will outline, if any, any faults the house may have.

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All reports are written in accordance with the NZS 4306:2005

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Thermal Imaging

The biggest bonus of having a digital camera and infrared camera combined in the AC080V is taking both images (IR and digital) at once with the one camera.

The AC080V is designed to perform one of several thermal imaging tasks such as;

  • – Basic Building inspection and diagnostics
  • – Heat loss and insulation surveys
  • – Simple electrical fault inspection
  • – Underfloor heating etc

Working both moisture readers together gives you a much better indication of where the moisture is and how wide spread it is.

By all means moisture reading are not always accurate, but with Gary’s experience and the knowledge of the trade, he will be able to identify moisture problems for you.

As this is a non-invasive test, invasive testing gives you a much better picture of the damage cause. For an invasive test please ask for price details. 

A Thermal Imaging Testing Device used in New Zealand
Moisture Testing Meter, New Zealand Builders Report

Digital Moisture Reading

Healthy Homes (NZ) feels that one of the most important issues housing have is moisture. More importantly – hidden moisture.

How many times have we seen cover-ups?? Freshly painted rooms, freshly painted roofs, new flooring. I can tell you we have seen alot of it over the years.

Apart from a musty smell, moisture damage can be disguised. You can buy what you think is a healthy investment and later discover dampness appearing in the walls or ceiling.

Don’t let this happen to you. In our opinion a moisture test should be the first inspection that is needed to be done. If moisture is detected, that alone should raise alarm bells.


Pre purchase building inspections

We thought it time that someone with extensive knowledge, training and experience work along side new home buyers and landlords to ensure they have a healthy home.

Pre-purchase building reports will be easy to read and straight to the point. These include a non-invasive moisture test. Gary is a fully LBP licenced builder with over 35 years in the trade.

Gary’s experience ranges from building residential homes to architectural designed homes. Homes that have been showcased in the NZ House and Garden Magazine, Master Builder Gold Award winning homes and show homes

All building inspections include a non-invasive moisture reading.  It is vital to know if there is any moisture in your home you wish to buy.  If there is this could lead to a very expensive repair bill later down the track.

Fully insured with Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance.  We are also governed by the Residential Property Inspection                 NZS 4306:2005

Residentual Property Inspection NZS 4306 2005

It is deemed that upon excepting a builders report you have read and accepted the terms and conditions Building Report Terms and Conditions