Gary and Denise van Wijk of Healthy Homes (NZ) Ltd


Part of Healthy Homes (NZ) corporation is dedicated to methamphetamine education. We are there to help companies, like yourself, understand and gain knowledge on methamphetamine.

Some key points of what we will cover during the presentation:

  • Knowledge of the new meth standard that has been released
  • the way we test
  • the different ways the laboratories test the samples.
  • Making sure that clients understand and request the right type of test that suits their needs
  • We also explain in detail what accreditation is now needed for samplers to do the testing
  • How methamphetamine contaminated a property
  • How methamphetamine affects people
  • What to look for in people and their properties, too make it safe for you to visit

We are more than happy to book a time with you to discuss all the above points.  Maybe when you have a board meeting or a group of employees wish to find out more, please just let me know and we can discuss a suitable time.

The new release of the standard has created structure in NZ and:

  • Yes, it has caused controversy
  • Yes, it is going to cost a lot of money to get compliance
  • Yes, it will bring structure to this industry
  • Yes, it may knock out the cowboys
  • Yes, a standard is only a guideline that sets best practice.

Gain knowledge on this and book a book a meeting with Healthy Homes (NZ) to discuss further

A small fee may apply if travelling outside of the Wairarapa